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Bach Baroque Festival and Competition


Purpose - To encourage students to learn and perform piano compositions written by J. S. Bach and others composers from the Baroque period.  


Details -  The student must memorize one composition by J. S. Bach (this includes the Minuets, Marches and Polonaises in the Anna Magdalena Notebook) and either a second composition by J. S. Bach or a work by another Baroque composer.  No arrangements allowed.  Festival entrants receive comment sheets and points based on their level of performance.  Prizes are awarded after a certain number of points are accrued.  (3 years of superiors - 1st tier prize)  Competition entrants also receive comment sheets and points but are mainly competing for a spot in the Honor's Recital.


There are two judges and an audience of other students who will also perform and their families.  There is also a harpsichord available for students to experience before or after their performance.


This event is run by Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association.

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