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Composer Competition


Purpose - To introduce new composers in a certain genre for the piano.


Details - Students are to perform two contrasting pieces (one fast and one slow).  All works must be memorized.  Students may begin with either piece.  Both pieces must be selected from the repertoire list.  Entrants in each category must play the required composition and a second choice composition chosen from the printed list.  No repeats should be taken (unless the piece is 16 measures or less).  Da Capo markings should be observed.  Students must provide judges with a copy of the music.  No photocopies allowed.  


First place winners from the previous year may not compete this year.  Winners will be announed at the end of each level.  Cash awards to winners will be determined by student enrollment and will be presented at the time winners are announed.


This event is run by Springfield Music Club.

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