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Guild Auditions


Purpose - To encourage students to continue study in piano.  Each year, various goals and awards are available to encourage growth and enjoyment in piano playing.


Details -  There are many different options when participating in Guild Auditions.  Normally, the preparation of 7 - 10 pieces is required along with the scales and chords of the keys of the pieces.  One to three of these pieces can be replaced with a musicianship phase which tests knowledge of scales, chords/cadences, arpeggios, or ear training, transposition, improvisation or sight reading skills at the appropriate level.


There is one judge and the student with no audience.  Students receive a score based on the number of good points minus the number of bad points, a certificate and a pin.  If a student already plans to participate in three events during a school year, Guild Auditions can act like a final exam where all the pieces learned that year can be performed one last time.  


This event is run by the American College of Musicians.

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