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Jazz Festival


Purpose - To promote the study and performance of the America Jazz Form by vocal, piano and other instrumental students of all ages and levels in a non-competitive setting.  


Details - Participants perform two pieces by memory, which may be arrangements.  Memorization is a requirement for solos.  Both pieces must be a minimum of 16 measures - improv may be used for intro or coda - write into the music how many measures of intro or coda will be played.  Ensembles may use music.  Performers will be rated: Superior (+ or -), Excellent, or Very Good, on the following criteria: Accuracy, Rhythm, Technique, Phrasing, Continuity, Dynamics, and Memory.  There are two judges and an audience of other students who will also perform and their families.  Students rated Superior Plus by BOTH JUDGES will receive a special award and will be invited to play in an honors recital.  


Jazz Festival is a great way to keep students interested and enjoying music during the summer and helping them experience a different and fun genre. 


This event is run by Springfield Music Club.

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