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Piano Ensemble Festival and Competition


Purpose:  To encourage students to learn and perform piano compositions written or arranged for one piano - four hands; two pianos - four hands; one piano - six hands; or two pianos - eight hands.


Details:  A movement of a sonatina, suite, etc., counts as one composition. Portions of a piece are not acceptable. For instance, all the variations of a theme and variation should be included. Partners may switch Primo/Secondo positions between compositions. A theme and variations is considered one composition and therefore partners may not switch positions between variations.  Memorization is not required.  No more than two pieces of literature may be performed. Students may choose longer works, but playing times may not exceed the time limits.


Ensembles may enter the Competition division or the Festival division, but not both.  Ensembles that play the same composition for more than one year must play a different movement at each year of entry.  Previous first place winner ensembles must enter either the next higher competitive level or the Festival division.  Individual students may participate in any number of ensemble pairs.


This event is run by Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association.

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