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Sonata Festival


Purpose - To encourage students to learn and perform compositions written in a traditional form - the sonata.  The majority of piano music written in this form comes from the Classical period.


Details - Perform two contrasting movements by memory.   The student will be stopped at the time limit (depending on level) and should plan any cuts. Students must provide one published score for the judges.


The student will be in a room with two judges and no audience.  Participants receive comment sheets and points based on their level of performance.  Trophies are awarded after a certain number of points are accrued (3 years of superiors - 1st tier prize).  Students who receive a checkmark from one judge in the first round of judging, advance to the next round of judging.  The judges of the second round will determine the students selected for the Honors Recital.


This event is run by Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association.

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